About “Scott Fagan,The MAAC Island Band” and “10 Great Songs In Search Of An Audience”

This is an online release of 10 recordings of 10 great songs written and sung by Scott Fagan, that have not yet found their audience. Scott Fagan is a singer who left High School in St. Thomas Virgin Islands in 1964 to sign with Columbia Records. Scott, for various very cool, dark and mysterious reasons, has not yet found HIS audience. Scott is accompanied here by a number of great known and unknown singers and musicians many of whom are still in search of THEIR audiences.

Please take a moment to discover “10 Great Songs In Search of An Audience” and if you deem them worthy of an audience, then please pass them along. Thank you.

www.scottfagan.com   www.scottfaganandthemaacislandband.com    www.scottfagansmemwa.com

  1. November 10, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    incredibly good.

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